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Friday, May 27th, 2011

12:00 Registration  
  The concept of sagittal balance  
13:00 Welcome and introduction U. Hubbe
13:10 History of Evaluation of sagittal balance concepts U. Hubbe
13:20 Definition, measurement and value of pelvic parameters S. Charosky
13:40 Definition, measurement and value of spinal parameters P. Roussouly
14:00 Definition and measurement of balance parameters U. Hubbe
14:20 Discussion all faculty
14:30 Femoro sacral posterior angle R. Sircar
14:50 How to achieve adequate imaging to evaluate sagittal balance S. Knoeller
15:05 Discussion all faculty
15:15 Break  
15:45 Software to evaluate sagittal balance Ph. Roussouly
16:00 Workshop spinopelvic parameters based on clinical cases provided by the faculty all faculty
17:20 Compensation of sagittal imbalance: mechanisms and limits S. Charosky
17:40 Classification of spinopelvic profiles and their consequence for surgical strategy P. Roussouly
18:00 End of day 1  
18:30 Historical City Tour "Graveyards, Ghosts and Murderers" The original Freiburg Ghost-Walk
Meeting point: Hotel (Novotel, Freiburg) 
20:00 Wine and Dine
Venue: Greifenegg Schlössle, Schlossbergring 3, 79098 Freiburg

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

  Clinical impact of spinopelvic parameters:  
08:30 Is there a sagittal balance problem in cases of adjacent level disease after spondylodesis? T. Luebbers
08:55 Consequences from the nonunderunstandig of the sagittal balance and their repair C. Hopf
09:20 Impact of the sagittal balance concept and spinopelvic parameters on the surgical strategy in spine trauma K. Schnake
09:45 Impact of individual compensation of sagittal imbalance on the surgical strategy S. Charosky
10:10 Break  
10:40 Surgical correction of sagittal imbalance: How to easily assess imbalance and technical details of the different correction techniques. R. Hedlund
11:05 Discussion of cases from the audience all faculty
11:25 Workshop correction techniques for sagittal profile on whole spine models based on clinical cases provided by the faculty all faculty
12:25 Closing remarks, end of meeting U. Hubbe
12:30 Farewell snack  



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