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Dear Collegue

after the great success of the Spine Specialists Meeting Freiburg 2010 ( we are happy to announce the next Spine Specialists Meeting Freiburg / Germany for May 27-28, 2011. The topic will be

Sagittal Balance: Principle, Diagnostics and Impact on Spine Surgery

To our opinion this is one of the most burning topics of spine surgery today. Starting form the basic scientific work of Madame Duval-Beaupère on pelvic parameters, several mostly french groups have done important work to apply it to daily practice and to propagate it among the spine surgeons. Meanwhile the knowledge of these factors and moreover the conviction of their importance begins to spread all over Europe.

This was the reason why we decided to encourage all interested spine specialists to enlarge their knowledge of this topic. We want to provide a forum of active and experienced faculty, which will present the basics of spinopelvic parameters, explain their calculation and demonstrate their impact on spinal surgery. The main part of the meeting will then be the discussion of principles and effect of sagittal balance on daily practice. Finally we will prove the effect of different surgical strategies on the result by applying them on whole spine models.

The course will be held at Freiburg Universtity medical center and we will be supported by an extremely experienced faculty:

Sebastien Charosky, Toulouse, France
Rune Hedlund, Gothenburg, Sweden
Christof Hopf, Kiel, Germany
Ulrich Hubbe, Freiburg, Germany
Stefan Knoeller, Freiburg, Germany
Thomas Luebbers, Meppen, Germany
Philippe Roussouly, Lyon, France
Pierre Roussouly, Lyon, France
Klaus Schnake, Frankfurt / Main, Germany
Ronen Sircar, Freiburg, Germany

I want to invite you to take part in our meeting in the wonderful town of Freiburg, which is lovely in late spring.

Best regards

Ulrich Hubbe, MD
Ulrich Hubbe, MD

You can reach Freiburg best via

Frankfurt/Main Airport

A train leaves Frankfurt/Main Airport once an hour and arrives at Freiburg 2 hours later.

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